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Make sure you have health insurance in 2014

You’ll have to pay a penalty if you don’t have health insurance in 2014. If you’re still uninsured, you have until March 31, 2014, to buy a policy on the a state health insurance exchanges without being subject to the penalty. The penalty starts at $95 per person or 1% of your household income, whichever is higher, which you’ll have to pay when you file your 2014 taxes next year. If you already have health insurance, your coverage is likely to meet the requirements. It can also help to check out prices for coverage on your state’s exchange if you currently have expensive COBRA or individual coverage and may might want to switch policies before open-enrollment ends on March 31—especially if you qualify for a subsidy to help with the premiums.

Bitcoin- Expert Guide

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The Silver Bomb (eBook)

This book is about the prominent role silver will play in the return to metal as money. This is not a book about some predictive financial philosophy, but rather a frank, no-excuses glimpse at the current state of things, and an honest, candid, look at logical outcomes.  The prestidigitation of central banking, which have until recently been shielded from scrutiny by a cloak of pro-banking cultural bias, are laid bare within these pages.  Intimidating and complex financial and historical connections, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole they first may seem to be, are plainly exposed by the application of good strong light and close inspection. Check it out here. (it’s $9.99 for eBook – with 60 days money back guarantee)

Benefit from self-employed tax breaks

If you were self-employed in 2013, or even if you had some freelance income, you still have until April 15, 2014, to contribute tax-deductible money to a simplified employee pension. If you’re self-employed this year, you can start making 2014 contributions any time now, too. It’s also a good time to start organizing your receipts for business expenses to get ready to do your tax return. And if you pay quarterly estimated taxes, keep in mind that your payment was due on January 15 (the last quarterly payment for 2013).

Organize and purge your tax files

Start gathering your 2013 tax records, so you’ll be ready when tax-filing season begins. Dig up receipts for child-care expenses and summer camp if you qualify for the dependent care credit, and records of investments you sold and contributions you made to charity. Meanwhile, you can start to toss some of your financial records you don’t need for tax purposes—such as your monthly brokerage and credit-card statements if they match up with your year-end report. You can also get rid of many supporting documents from your tax files three years after the tax-filing deadline has passed, which is the length of time the IRS generally has to audit your return (unless you’ve left out a chunk of your income).

Free Budgeting Software

Take control of your budget now!

  • Mint: A Web & mobile budgeting tool. Users can securely link bank accounts and credit cards to Mint, create budgets, and set alerts for when balances are low or spending exceeds set amounts in a certain category.
  • MoneyStrands: A Web budgeting tool that links to bank accounts and credit cards and accepts manually or bulk-uploaded transactions from bank accounts.
  • Rainy Day Budget: An online manual budget tool.
  • GnuCash: Free financial software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Handles small business accounting, too.
  • Yodlee MoneyCenter: An online money management tool that aggregates bank accounts.

Monthly budgets are crucial part of financial planning. In today’s electronic age, there are dozens of powerful budgeting software programs, spreadsheets, and templates that make this process straightforward and a piece of cake.