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FB-BlueMy name is Rob. Born in the frigid city of Detroit, Michigan; once the industrial mecca of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s eras.

From a young age, I was fascinated by radios, motors, lights, batteries, and by electronic devices & toys. I often took them apart for reverse engineering purposes.

I started taking courses in mathematics, science, and engineering. I was devoted and determined to get my degree. I worked 2 jobs while attending school. It wasn’t easy but I knew I had to make a living. I faced many obstacles and struggles at first, but landed a scholarship and few loans to pay for books and tuition.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree for Computer & Electrical Engineering from The University of Arizona (Bear Down!!), I took a journey to Silicon Valley to start my career for a renowned semiconductor company. That was the Engineering hub at the time. All I had to my name was my Diploma and a 1994 Honda Accord!
Knowing that I didn’t have anyone to fall back on, I learned how to budget and save small portions of my paychecks. I participated in the 401(k) program and started contributing to an external IRA account thanks to a college friend who educated me on early stages of investing; he was instrumental and a catalyst for my financial well being.

I started out with a budget of ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’. I only spent money on essential and basic things such as: rent, car payment, insurance, food, etc,. The saving was slow, but I was able to sock away $50/month during the first year. Then I increased that amount to $100, plus raised my monthly 401(k) contribution year after year. My company matched dollar for a dollar up to 6%; that was great!
Few raises and bonuses helped boost my savings account.

Two years later, I decided it was too cold in the Bay Area, and moved to Sunny San Diego. There, I worked as a Product Engineer for almost 10 years. I was getting bored doing the same thing over and over. I enjoyed human interaction and leadership, more than sitting in a lab or behind a desk analyzing data. An opportunity came along as a Program Manager. That new position taught me discipline, accountability, setting and achieving goals. More importantly how to become a leader and an effective mentor.

It also taught me how to interact and collaborate with others. Everyone has a unique personality and a unique way of doing things and that’s pivotal when communicating thoughts, ideas and exchanging information. I believe when people communicate, collaborate, and respect one another, this world would flourish.

I have a passion for traveling and cultures. The list is long, but I was fortunate to have visited numerous countries. I also enjoy hiking, outdoor activities, and playing sports. I have a great circle of friends; some have started lovely families, and others are living their journey. If you surround yourself with caring, genuine, and positive people, that reflection will get imprinted onto your life day by day.

I decided to start a blogging site to educate friends and people on ways to budget, save, invest and grow their money. My site seeks to provide straightforward, unbiased information in one place. I want to empower investors to make informed decisions about their finances, and be the authority on personal financial management.

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