The illusive American Dream… what happened?

I would like to share an article with you that I wrote back in September 2012… most of those issues haven’t changed or improved (but I have made minor updates!)

Has the American dream become a real nightmare…??

It’s clear that our Nation has an addiction to gas guzzling vehicles, fast food, credit cards, lattes, energy drinks, reality TV, the sense of entitlement, instant gratification, social media outlets, …
A government that is infested of crooked politicians.
A downgraded economy that is in the tank, flirting with a double dip recession.
A national debt north of $17.566 Trillion.
Unemployment rate of 6.7% (12.8 million Americans are jobless).
An administration on a spending spree.
A middle class shrinking and burdened by this mountain of debt; watched their nest egg shrink by 40% since ’07 (made some recovery in 2013).

Society that is mesmerized by celebrities and sports figures; their lives, gossips and nonsense.
Ineffective Federal Reserve – that think printing more money is the solution.
Greedy Wall Street CEOs, roaming around Congress asking for favors.
Corrupt banking systems that got bailed out by the taxpayers; now making hand over first in profits.
Unethical Pharmaceutical giants, gouging consumers with high drug prices.
Social security system that is running out of money.

Big government that thinks it knows best, with huge spending appetite – telling us how to live our lives.American Dream-broke
Failed and costly healthcare system.
Rising cost of living ($3.50 for a gallon of milk, $4 for a bag of chips).
Small businesses getting crushed by China/India/Brasil (the tide is now slowly turning).
Oil companies pocketing $billions of our hard earned money, gouging us at the pump.

What happened to the fundamental American principles?? Family values??
Aren’t we all tired of the status quo?? of being pacified with empty promises?? Aren’t we all frustrated of gas at $4/gallon?? Hikes in the cost of living?? Saddled by this national debt??  I could go on and on…

Here are ways we can make this American Dream a reality again:
Let us invest in teachers, scientists, engineers… not in rockstars, basketball thugs..
Let us Invest in small businesses, factories, clean energy (wind, solar & natural gas).
Let us cut our addiction on oil and get rid of our dependency on the middle east.
Let us regulate wall street and restrict shorting the market (which bets against economical growth and more on greed), and high frequency trading schemes.
Let us focus on exporting more, importing less.
Let us cut taxes on businesses, and bring back jobs to our country, grow our GDP, regulate wall street, shrink unemployment, stop waging wars and meddling in other countries, strengthen our middle class, reduce the deficit and balance our budget, invest in education, explore our natural resources….

Let us start a revolution.AmericanProsperityWhat say you?!!
Rob H

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