Wake up now, wake up quick.

Everyday, we are reminded of civil and political unrest, economic uncertainties, violence, riots, genocide, war threats all around the globe. What is happening to our amazing planet?? Why is there so much unrest and violence?? Why can’t we seek peace and serenity??  I know those questions are hard to answer and peace feels unattainable at times – It is certainly becoming the norm to hear disturbing news on a daily basis.  We have been desensitized to the constant chaos and troubling conditions, so we continue on living and hoping there’s an end to this madness.  But ‘hope’ doesn’t come with a parachute.  It certainly doesn’t pick sides, or protect you from harm.

uncle-sam-stealingThe size of our government keeps on growing, while its functionality keeps on shrinking – rendering it inefficient, ineffective, and most importantly costly.  Washington has proved, year over year, that it is fiscally irresponsible. There are many loop holes in the system that favor the rich, the giant oil & pharmaceutical companies, their lobbyists, and their cronies.

Let’s really face it- who’s coming to your rescue when you lose your job, or when you’re savings isn’t enough, or when your wage continues to be stagnate. Who’s coming to your rescue when your bills keep climbing, your healthcare costs keep on rising ..
The answer is simple: No one. yes no one. You have to make wise and calculated decisions to protect yourself, your family and your financial well being. Uncle Sam will take as much as he can out of our pockets; no doubt about it. Wake up… Wake up now, and take action.

+ Have you spoken to a financial advisor to discuss your objectives, goals, and plan for your retirement?
+ Have you reviewed and analyzed your monthly budget?Steps-to-success
+ Have you determined where you can cut down on spending?
+ Do you have a saving plan, and have set monthly targets?
+ Have you started an emergency fund?
+ Are you contributing towards a retirement account, like a 401k?

Those are easier questions to answer and are within your control. Make the change now, wake up and get your financials in place so you can have peace in mind that you will have enough money for any situation.

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