Plug those financial leaks, now!

We are all guilty of being distracted by our daily life affairs that we overlook simple measures of saving money. Whether it’s at the grocery store, local coffee shop, around the house, or that summer vacation. It’s not that we don’t have intentions of saving; but rather the convenience overshadows our commitment to it. Yes, that Espresso is a great kick starter in the morning, but is it a daily need? I say get a coffee machine!

CheeseIt’s hard not to notice the gradual price increases on produce, consumer staples, etc,. A box of Cheerios is $5!! a Cheese wedge is $8, seriously!! I find myself everyday reaching over to the private labels for the same goods. I can’t really notice the taste difference; but I sure notice that 20% savings at the checkout! Another way to keep those extra dollars in your wallet is by using coupons – I used to be embarrassed by that until a good friend set met straight!

When planning that summer vacation: 1) shop around, 2) look for online deals, 3) don’t wait for last minute, 4) travel during off-peak.

Follow this link for more simple ways to save money and take control of those financial leaks.

Also, CNN Money contributor, Amanda Gengler, talks about ways to address financial pitfalls that are eating away at our savings: Plug Common financial leaks – via CNN Money.

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